Your Daily Dose of A.I.

Posted October 13, 2017 by in Technology

If you’re one of the 3 million people in the world who pose questions to an Amazon Echo or something like it, you are already experiencing a growing trend that will continue; standard user interfaces are going to fall away when you are trying to interact with technology in favor of using artificial intelligence, also known as AI.

AI is going to be one of those pieces of technology that will push to the forefront and create opportunities to make any interface both simple and smart, which will also allow for faster adoption and provide better customer satisfaction in a multitude of arenas.  At its most simple level, you see AI in use when that music app you use suggests new music you might like to listen to based on your previous choices.  In another application, ‘LettucBot’ is a program that uses complex algorithms to remove pesky weeds among the crop for Farmers, but also pinpoints those sprouts that are too close to each other and removing the one that won’t survive.  At its height of sophistication, AI can orchestrate behind the scenes to complete tasks.  The technology can act based on its experiences, but also learn from interactions to create or complete new tasks.  Leaps forward in AI’s ability to process language and machine learning make the technology more intuitive to use as well.  Voice searches have increased in 2015 from zero to more than 10% of global searches just a year later.

So what does this all mean for businesses and their interactions with their customers?  Well for starters, it means that AI will get investment dollars so it’s ready to take on the role it’s about to play – the face of a company’s brand.  It will be important to invest wisely because each interaction a customer has will shape how a customer builds their opinion and interest in a the company as a whole, just like their experiences with human employees.