The Human Aspect

Posted November 3, 2016 by in Technology

Technology is always changing, but as we keep moving forward into the future, it seems that the technology is now becoming more human-centric.  Gartner’s Hype Cycle keeps a pulse on the latest and greatest technology trends and divides them into a variety of categories like innovation trigger or plateau of productivity according to how mature and mainstream the technology might be, also noting how long it will be until it’s available in the mainstream.

Interactive, human-tech dominated this year’s hype cycle with things like brain-computer interfaces.  This innovation, after an electrode is planted in the brain to pick up signals, allows users to voluntarily generate brain patterns that can be interpreted by a computer to control an application or device.  In another type of tech in this category called “affective computing” consists of technology that can sense the emotional state through a variety of sensors and cameras connected to the user and therefore recommend appropriate web based content.  It’s expected we’ll see this technology in the mainstream within 10 years’ time.


Other tech that made the list were things like 4D printing, something called smart dust, gesture-control devices, smart robots and virtual personal assistants.  Augmented and Virtual reality technology is still making its mark and will be further developed in the future too.  It’s expected that as we progress into the future, technology will also become more integrated into the human body and therefore, introduce more transparency between people, businesses and things.