The 5 Keys to Proactive Security

Posted July 22, 2016 by in Security

IT security has been a hot topic over the last few years for obvious reasons with the rise of Cyber-attacks predicted to keep rising.  However it’s important not to get too comfortable with your current IT security measures and take a proactive stance on improving security measures that could actually benefit you so much more.  Here are some key things to remember:


  • Know your stuff! Make sure you have an accurate inventory of devices, software and other assets.  Make a whitelist of those who should be able to access your network and data, as well as identifying who’s in charge of maintaining these lists for accuracy and permission levels.
  • Enforce your rules! Seems like a no-brainer, but if you have corporate policies on connecting devices to the network, make sure they are followed properly.  Also, have your IT department review the systems and equipment to see if there are policies or other security settings that could be tightened to reduce unauthorized access.
  • Train your staff! The best defenses against threats to your sensitive data are your employees.  Employees who are under informed and uncompliant are a bigger threat to your network than not having the proper equipment in place.  Make sure you have distributed information about how to properly access the internet from your network, not to click on links or attempt to open attachments in emails they weren’t expecting or don’t recognize the sender.
  • Keep your foot print small! A low-footprint software application can proactively protect your system from threats without bogging down your systems and workstations and its minimal requirements make it easy to deploy.
  • Quickly assess and respond! Prioritize real-time monitoring and evaluation of your systems and data.  Establish a routine vulnerability inspection and review employees handling of your secure data for any process corrections.  Track, log and audit activities against privileged accounts so you can be quick to respond if there is an incident.

All of these tips may not guarantee your business won’t be affected by a cyber-attack, but being prepared and prepared to respond quickly if there is a threat can certainly increase your chances of keeping the bond of trust with your clients intact and your business profitable.