Planning to Stay Running

Posted July 1, 2016 by in Technology

When most people think about business continuity, they are usually under the impression that if they can get to their critical applications and data following a disaster they are okay.  The truth is there is so much more to be considered.  It may be worth going through and identifying potential events that could negatively impact your business, calculating the probability that an event could occur and try to calculate the impact it would have on your business.  Here are some key things you’ll need to plan on preparing before disaster strikes:

  1. Plans for employee safety –You need to make sure you have plans in place to communicate effectively with each other in the event of a disaster and people are unable to leave the office or their homes. You’ll also want to make sure you have an up to date emergency contacts list for your staff and a way to reach out to them if phones are down.
  2. Don’t leave your customers in the dark – You’ll need to create a plan to distribute information to your customers during and following a major catastrophe so they are aware of the effect on your business and that there might be communication delays or delivery delays. Any staff that deals directly with customers should have the same consistent message.
  3. Be prepared to recover-in-place – With the advances made in virtual server technology, virtual machines can allow you to run your business while the physical servers that normally help you function are being repaired.
  4. Know your numbers – You need to take a look at what you have in place and understand if getting you back up and running will take a matter of hours or days and factor in the cost of lost revenue to get a complete picture at how your business could be affected and where you may need to make serious changes or upgrades to your infrastructure.