Get In Line for your Digital Sign!

Posted June 3, 2016 by in Technology

In this age of technology, it makes sense that there is an expected rise in the use of digital signage by the year 2020.  Digital signage makes use of large LCD or LED monitors or can even be projected on various surfaces to advertise a new product or service to build awareness and you usually find it in places like hotels, airports or train stations among other places with a computer you can’t see delivering the content.  This type of signage works really well and may be something you might want to consider adding to your office reception area or lobby for that “in your face” advertising that people just can’t help but notice.


When you compare digital signage to other, more traditional types of advertising – print or billboards, there are several benefits that you just can’t ignore.

  • Reduced cost – the initial investment in the equipment you may, installation and content development might be large at first, but over time as compared to print advertisement, you should notice a considerable cost savings.
  • Connection to the web- a digital monitor can be connected to the web which allows news feeds,twitter  feeds, currency updates, weather updates and more to be incorporated into the display.  You can even connect it to your own business website to get updates from your newsfeed or blog posts.
  • Can’t take your eyes off it – it’s actually more subtle than a television ad or a poster and with the use of high definition displays combined with vivid colors, the ability to include elements such as news feeds or online video snippets allows advertisers to break through the noise (associated with traditional advertising) and connect with customers.

There are more benefits you’ll find if you continue doing some research, but it’s important to do what’s right for your business and your budget.  That being said, it’s hard to deny the appeal of having a potential customer’s undivided attention while they are paying your lobby or waiting area a visit.