Apple OS Is All About You

Posted March 23, 2016 by in Technology

Apple has taken a different approach to their latest iOS update that will be coming out at any point if it hasn’t already.  They’ve taken some of the apps and features that we are all familiar with and tried to make them more personal to the user.


For starters, Apple has become increasingly concerned about their end user’s sleep habits, so one of the things you’ll notice in iOS 9.3 is a change in the display settings.  It used to be the only way to change from the white/blue type light that comes from the LEDs used on the screen was to “jailbreak” your phone.    Scientists have determined that this light is actually not allowing you to fall asleep properly because it disrupts the production of melatonin.  There will soon be a setting called “Night Shift” that allows you to shift the color of your screen at night to something orange, red or yellow.  Scientists believe this to be easier on your eyes when you are tired and allows you to fall asleep naturally.


If you are like me, you like to use the “Notes” app to store some things you may need for the future and don’t want to forget or lose.  With iOS 9.3, you’ll now have the opportunity to password protect any notes that you create.  Even better than that, you’ll be able to sort those notes by date or title.  Minor improvement, but certainly adds to this app’s appeal.


With the New Year underway, people also start trying to figure out how to improve their health, so why not try using that Health app that you see on your phone or iPad?  With the latest OS, you’ll be able to connect to 3rd party apps to better manage your workouts, weight and sleep quality all through the Health app.


There are additional features, some specifically for Teachers who use them to engage their students and to better track their progress that we’re not talking about here, you’ll just have to see them in action.  All in all, it seems that Apple really tried to cater this version to users and their lifestyles.