“A Single Pane of Glass”

Posted December 15, 2016 by in Technology

You’re probably thinking you picked up the wrong article and we’re about to dive into some home improvement topic based on the title of this month’s article.  The truth is this phrase is something that is used when talking about software used to manage your infrastructure or data center.  It relates to trying to simplify infrastructure management instead of juggling multiple applications in order to maintain and monitor your systems, as if you were looking at everything with only one application (or through a pane of glass) as your guide.


It’s not surprising that most data centers require highly-specialized, on-site resources that are proficient with dozens of infrastructure technologies and the various management standards that govern each of them individually; which leaves the administrators looking through something more like a kaleidoscope.   However, Hewlett Packard Enterprises is now offering a way to unify existing assets and future hardware/software purchases under a single management architecture.  This is going to allow end users to apply new and improved software definition principals to hardware they already have and future-proof their environment from new or shifting management options.  Using HPE OneView, administrators can standardize IT operations using configuration templates to reliably deploy and revise server, storage, and networking profiles.  This will help to reduce overall operating expenses and free up administrators to work on higher priority tasks or innovations.


HPE OneView also enables support for virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and mixed environments.  This product comes at a time when the pressure is on data centers worldwide to become the brokers of business value.  There are hundreds of other vendors that are working to supply solutions to specific heartaches, but they usually end up in the administrators having to add that into what was already a disparate process for managing their environment.