Secure Messaging Becomes a Necessity

Posted April 25, 2016 by in Virus Protection

Being able to share information with your clients or internal departments quickly and securely in this heightened age of virus threats and security breaches is something all businesses have to take seriously.  Although there are a variety of tools available, Cirius’ cloud based solution might be just what you need to protect your business and your clients from cyber threats.

Most people think that all they need to do when sending sensitive data via email is have it encrypted or password protected.  Unfortunately, that’s just not enough to meet the challenges that cyber criminals pose to email and other forms of messaging.   You need to have a tool that takes a look at messaging security in a broader scope.  Cirius not only handles encryption, but it also allows you to control and manage the exchange of information even after you hit the send button.  This product is feature rich, but user friendly, and allows for things like rapid large file transfer, real-time tracking, message recall, forward/reply freezes and “For Your Eyes Only” password protection available to user both before and after messages have been sent.

Because this solution is offered in the cloud, it also makes it easy to manage without a lot of technical expertise.  It deploys in just a few minutes and completely integrates with your existing email infrastructure including applications like Outlook, Office 365, Gmail and more.  Cirius can be individually branded to match the look and feel of your business too.  There are also cost savings associated with this product verses in-house solutions and it requires no maintenance.  This product also extends its feature set and security to mobile messaging as it can be used with smart phone s and tablets for those remote employees who may need to send sensitive information or transfer large files on hand held devices in the field.