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Managed Services

Tired of trying to keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date? IES, Inc. can take over responsibility for your systems so you can focus on growing your business.

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Business Continuity

What if your lost you server? How long can you afford to not have that server accessible? It’s not enough to have backup. You MUST be able to conduct your business while systems are recovered. IES, Inc. works closely with you to establish and implement successful business continuity solutions so you can continue operating in the event of a failure.

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Do you know if your business is vulnerable to security threats? Getting you prepared to face a threat and mitigate the damage is what we do best, not to mention helping you to minimize your security risks.

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Cloud Services

Can’t stand highly technical management and cumbersome maintenance of your applications, email, etc.? In the cloud, there’s no limit to what your business can achieve quickly and easily.

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HIPAA Analysis

Are you struggling with how to meet federal guidelines? Let IES, Inc. assist you in implementing appropriate safeguards to bring your level of risk to be acceptable and compliant.

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Looking to grow your business? How flexible is your current IT infrastructure? IES, Inc. can design a solution to consolidate your hardware that prepares you for today and sets the stage for tomorrow.

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Strategic Planning and Consulting

Overwhelmed with deciding what IT changes you need to investigate let alone implement? IES, Inc. can help develop an integrated IT strategic plan that will help your business today and in the future.

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IES News

The Human Aspect

The Human Aspect

November 3, 2016

Technology is always changing, but as we keep moving forward into the future, it seems that the technology is now becoming more human-centric.  Gartner’s Hype Cycle keeps a pulse on the latest and greatest technology trends and divides them into a variety of categories like innovation trigger or plateau of productivity according to how mature […]

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Your Experience Matters

"Nigel did a terrific job on the Office 365 training"

-Barbara Venturi, Chief Operating Officer Women's Enterprise Development Center, Inc.

"I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I appreciate the effort made"

-Elizabeth Tartaglia Dir. Network Admin, Archives & Playbill

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